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Genset Fuel Saving Device, 70% + Monthly Cost Reduction!
Smart Genset Control based on Battery voltage and/or shelter temperature
Genset remains OFF while Battery (or room temperature) condition is healthy
Wide Operating voltage (20V to 60V)
Password protected front panel programming
Three Dry Contact Alarm Outputs for easy interfacing with Telecom NOC
Maintains total Battery discharge time & cycles in memory
Dual Genset Duty Cycle Controller, for off-grid Sites, 20% + Monthly Cost Savings!
Controlling Two Gensets, with Genset failure alarm, to improve site reliability
Two Genset Equal Run duty cycle, with rest, ensures equal wear & tear thus minimizes maintenance costs
One Prime Genset Run & Automatic rests
Time or Battery based operation
Save Cost on Dual DG ATS Panel
Data Monitoring and Remote Management – Ensures and Improves Financial Benefits
Seamless integration with SmartMon.Net
Monitor & Analyze Genset & Battery performance and remotely optimize device settings as required
Smart alert capability to enable predictive actions & preventive maintenance
Easy & cost effective upgrade to existing sites
Fuel Cost and OPEX Reducing Device
Dual Genset duty cycle controller
Remotely monitor results and manage operations, with smart alert capability
Intelligent Battery and / or Temperature Control
Adaptable to +24V or -48V Telecom DC systems or a combination
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